There is a special duality built into the monicker, “SUPAGAIJIN” that is used with both comedic and dramatic intent. At first glance, SUPA (the phonetic pronunciation of the katakana for “Super”)  is synonymous with “TOTAL”, supporting the stereotypical cartoon image of an ultimate “outsider”. Then, once expectations are fulfilled and the locals are at ease, a completely opposite character is unexpectedly revealed knocking them off balance, shattering the otherness factor, and transforming the SUPA into “AMAZING”.

 Guy (Gaetano) Totaro is a performing “Jack of all Trades” who dabbles in everything from music and magic to clowning to blowing fire. His comedic alter-ego “SUPAGAIJIN” has been delighting children of all ages in Japan since 1993. As an Actor, Narrator, Character Model, Musician, Clown, Magician and Fire Artist, Guy really puts the TALENT back into “TARENTO”!

A native of Southern California, Guy received his BA in Acting/Theatre Arts from San Francisco State University in 1989. There he was introduced to the Italian physical comedy style Commedia dell’ Arte. He continued his Acting and Commedia training as an apprentice with the award-winning San Francisco Mime Troupe and performed with the Troupe on tour across the United States.

Guy developed his Vaudeville Clown character “Uncle Guido“ on the streets of San Francisco and at the world-famous Ringling Bros. & Barnum and Bailey’s Clown College (class of 1992).

1993 unexpectedly took Guy to Japan where, for 5 years, he freelanced as a Variety Entertainer, Actor, Narrator & Print Model. He returned to Los Angeles in 1998 where he had numerous roles in TV commercials, stage shows, and worked as a Hollywood production location rep.

The following year Guy was recruited to train and perform with a Commedia dell Arte Troupe that populated the in-house entertainment program for the newly opened Venetian Resort Hotel in Las Vegas.

In 2005, Guy returned to Tokyo and he established GAETANO Co KK as an entity to support his many creative endeavors. In addition to providing the best family entertainment at private parties and events, Guy has had many high-profile roles in TV commercials, dramas, music videos, and on the radio.

He is best known for portraying Suntory’s Super Hero / Spokes-Model, “Mr. CC Lemon”, as the inventive “Mr. Clark” on Benesses’s “World Wide Kids” DVD series, and as a former co-host of NHK Radio’s “Kiso Eigo 3”. 

Guy is most proud of the “Niko NIko Taishi” charity program he founded in the aftermath of the 3/11/11 Tohoko disaster. The aim is to reach out to kids in need, thrill them with silly tricks, provoke healing through laughter, and empower them with confidence, imagination, and permission to play.

Guy continues to pursue his dream of, “Changing the world, one smile at a time” through the Smile Ambassadors program and his “SUPGAIJIN” Variety Comedy Show.



Customized Crafts for Gifts, Branding, & Events


Entertainment, Creative, & Brand Consulting  Services


Private Home, School, Office Visits


Laughter Therapy, PTSD Avoidance, & Child Empowerment


Actor, Narrator, Model The TALENT in タレント!