English Circus Playtimeイングリッシュ サーカス プレイタイム

Are you looking for a FUN way to for your student’s to enhance their English language skills?

We teach basic circus skills – Balancing – Juggling  & Character Play along with Music and Movement to help build the CONFIDENCE that kids need to USE their newly learned English speaking skills.  The aim is simple; to let kids have fun while learning English. Basic English words and phrases in conjunction with fun new Circus themed activities and challenges provide a fun introduction to English for younger kids and a positive reinforcement for older kids who have already started English lessons at home or in school. Created specifically for Japanese kids, our bi-lingual Circus English Playtime workshops are tailored for each specific age and size group. Our activities promote positive self esteem, confidence and respect which are the building blocks for personal growth. Group exercises promote communication, trust and camaraderie. The kids FORGET that they are learning English because they are having so much fun! They then retain the joy when they return to their regular English studies.

Bring the Circus to your school with the “Circus English Playtime”.

It will make TEACHING English much more fun too!!!

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