16 Dec 2011

Pinky Promise!

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Special guest Huw Lloyd and I make “Pinky Promises” with kids in the tsunami zone to return and have more fun together!

11 Nov 2011

Tokai Shinpo Article About Niko Niko Taishi

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English translation of the 11/11/11 article;

“Healing the Heart Through Friendship Smile Ambassador visits four city schools in Ofunato City. Guy-san, the Smile Ambassador lifting spirits in stricken areas with his performance, visited four Ofunato City elementary schools, finishing on the 11th. Read more

01 Nov 2011

Tokai Shinpo Features Rie fu and I and the Shine On! Songs CD Vol. 1

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Sakari Elementary School’s Chorus on CD – English lyrics to ‘Ame ni mo Makezu’ – Ofunato

The ceremony of the presentation of the charity CD produced by the Tyler Foundation, who are developing support activities for children, was held on the 31st at Sakari Elementary School (Principal Sato Ko, 154 students), Ofunato City. The students of the school participated in the chorus of an English version of the musical composition of Miyazawa Kenji’s famous poem ‘Ame ni mo Makezu’ (I will not give in to the rain). The artist who sang the song, Ms. Rie fu, also visited and shared in the happiness of the completion of the song. Read more

31 Aug 2011

Moshe Cohen Supports the Shine On! Smile Ambassador Program

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August was a very busy and productive month for the Tyler Foundation’s Shine On! Smile Ambassador ProgramMoshe Cohen from Clowns Without Boarders was our guest for 3 amazing and intense weeks. Read more

29 Aug 2011

KIWAYA Ukulele Company sponsors my Tohoku relief efforts!

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Music is a big part of the Shine On! Smile Ambassador Program and thanks to a generous donation by the KIWAYA Ukulele Company, Guy can bring his new “Famous” brand Ukulele everywhere he goes!