12 Feb 2012

Kamaishi Newspaper Features the Shine On! Smile Ambassador Program

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I was recently featured in a local Tohoku newspaper called the Fukko Kamaishi Shinbun.
Below is the Tyler Foundation’s English translation of the article from January 25, 2012.

Children smile with magic and games Tyler Foundation’s Shine On! Smile Ambassador visits nusry school in Kamaishi City.
Gaetano Totaro – Guy, the Tyler Foundation’s Shine On! Smile Ambassador, provides the opportunity for children to forget their worries through magic and games. Read more

10 Feb 2012

Thank you Jordon!

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WOW! Jordon Cheung and I had SO MUCH FUN this past 11 days. Jordon is a natural Clown, which is the HIGHEST compliment I can give. 1,691 kids + teachers and lots of parents as well also had fun with him. Huge thanks Jordon & program coordinator Keiko-san. Next tour is from 2/19-2/24 w/ special guest Hula Hooper Kristen “Tink” Mcquillin.

07 Feb 2012

5 Tohoku Schools Share Temporary Space…

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‎4 Elementary Schools and 1 Jr High share these temporary buildings.now after their schools were all destroyed last March.

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06 Feb 2012

Unbelievable Destruction!

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Touni Elementary School in Kamaiishi, Iwate was totally destroyed. The students were heavily effected by their experience, but  by an large seem to be in good emotional shape. My 3rd Niko Niko Tasihi visit to their temporary school on Saturday was awesome! Thank you Keiko & Jordon!

17 Dec 2011

Thank you Huw!

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Huw Lloyd and I have been doing shows together for a long time now. We usually play a silly form of Jazz in a band called The Infinite Happiness Orchestra. I know he’d be a hit with the kids up in Tohoku and it was very special to share this unique performance experience with such a dear friend.