11 Nov 2011

Tokai Shinpo Article About Niko Niko Taishi東海新報紙の新聞記事

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English translation of the 11/11/11 article;

“Healing the Heart Through Friendship Smile Ambassador visits four city schools in Ofunato City. Guy-san, the Smile Ambassador lifting spirits in stricken areas with his performance, visited four Ofunato City elementary schools, finishing on the 11th. ニコニコ大使 ガエタノ・トタロは、地元の方々から親しみをこめた「ガイさん」と呼ばれ、地元メディアでもたびたび紹介されてきています。子どもたちに対する心理社会的ケアのニコニコ大使の活動は、着実に地域に浸透してきていると感じています。Besides his musical stylings on a saw, he had the entire school smiling as he got the children up and moving with juggling and other activities.



Guy-san, the Smile Ambassador, is traveling around between elementary schools, kindergartens and daycare centers as part of a program to lift children’s spirits after the earthquake sponsored by the Tyler Foundation, a non-profit organization. Guy-san, an American, and his special guest, composer and pianist Ms. Ai Yamazaki, visited North Ofunato Elementary on the 9th, Hikoroichi Elementary and Yoshihama Elementary on the 10th, and Ikawa Elementary on the 11th.

At North Ofunato Elementary (principal: Misa Kamiseki, 195 children), Guy-san gave a speech in Japanese to 21 first graders so full of humor that everyone felt at ease. Guy-san entertained the children with magic tricks like producing ping-pong balls from his mouth, and played “Shining Star” on his saw to the accompaniment of Ms. Yamazaki’s piano.

Next, the children joined him in juggling with colorful cloths. The children were shouting with laughter as they got to know Guy-san better. Afterwards, Guy-san performed for the second graders.

The foundation is accepting requests from schools and kindergartens who would like to receive a visit. For more information, contact Ms. Keiko Fukumoto, Smile Ambassador Coordinator at the foundation.
(E-mail: keiko@tylershineon.org)”

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