01 Nov 2011

Tokai Shinpo Features Rie fu and I and the Shine On! Songs CD Vol. 1私とRie fuのは磨きで配信!子どもたちへ第1巻CDの音楽を。

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Sakari Elementary School’s Chorus on CD – English lyrics to ‘Ame ni mo Makezu’ – Ofunato

The ceremony of the presentation of the charity CD produced by the Tyler Foundation, who are developing support activities for children, was held on the 31st at Sakari Elementary School (Principal Sato Ko, 154 students), Ofunato City. The students of the school participated in the chorus of an English version of the musical composition of Miyazawa Kenji’s famous poem ‘Ame ni mo Makezu’ (I will not give in to the rain). The artist who sang the song, Ms. Rie fu, also visited and shared in the happiness of the completion of the song.


The Tyler Foundation has been supporting elementary schools, kindergartens and child care centers in affected areas to increase children’s smiles since the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami. The smiling ambassadors, starting with Mr. Gaitano Totaro (commonly called Mr. Gai) by being ‘clinic clowns’, are hoping that the children regain some emotional stability through games and various activities.

The Tyler Foundation, midst focusing on long term activities from now on for the emotional care of the children, started up musical project, ‘Shine On! Songs’ with the goal of raising funds. They went on to approach Sakari Elementary School children with the goal of producing a CD album to be their first shot in their activities.

The Sakari Elementary School children participated in the English version, ‘Who I Want To Be’ of Miyazawa Kenji’s, ‘Ame ni mo Makezu’.
The children were responsible for the hook of the song, ‘That’s who I want to be’ from the Japanese part, ‘Soiu mono ni watashi wa naritai’ and recording took place in August.

In order to present the completed album, Mr. Gai visited the school. Along with the song, he showed the whole school the music video of scenes recorded by the students. After that, the artist who sang vocals in the song, Ms. Rie fu, appeared as a ‘surprise guest’.
Her and the children’s voices rang out, while she played an acoustic guitar.

Ms. Rie fu greeted the children with the lines, ‘Everyone is so great at singing. I’m so happy we could sing together. The student representative, Suzuki Nao, accepted the presentation of a total of 130 CDs, enough for all the members of the PTA and teachers, and showed his appreciation by saying ‘I hope to treasure this CD forever. Thank you very much.’

There are 12 songs recorded on the CD and all are new songs provided especially for this album. It is being sold as a packaged CD for ¥2500 or through Internet download for ¥150 for one song or ¥1500 for all 12 songs. It can be found at the dedicated website


ニコニコ大使 ガエタノ・トタロは、地元の方々から親しみをこめた「ガイさん」と呼ばれ、地元メディアでもたびたび紹介されてきています。子どもたちに対する心理社会的ケアのニコニコ大使の活動は、着実に地域に浸透してきていると感じています。



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