26 Aug 2011

Shine On! Songs Volume One: Recording “Who I Want To Be” in Tohokuシャイン・オン!ソングス vol.1:東北の小学生たちも参加!

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The Tyler Foundation has started a new support project by means of music called “Shine On! Songs.” This project is a collaboration with domestic and foreign artists who empathize with the Tyler Foundation. The Foundation supports Japanese children with childhood cancer and their families through various programs. All of the proceeds will be used to support the Tyler Foundation’s activities, beginning with providing aid to the children from the area affected by the 2011 Tohoku earthquake.


In the first original album, “Shine On! Songs Vol.1,” these children have also lent their voices. The song “Who I Want To Be” is an original English song based on the poem “Be not Defeated by the Rain” by Kenji Miyazawa from Iwate Prefecture. The Shine On! Smile Ambassador Program has made repeated visits to Mori Elementary School, located in Ofunato, Iwate Prefecture, and we have asked the children to lend their voices to the chorus.

The children had almost no time to practice because of a shortened summer vacation and the need to make up for missed classes caused by the earthquake. The staff were a bit nervous, but all of us were surprised when we heard the singing voices of the children, who memorized the lyrics and melody by ear. Please listen to the album when it is released on September 30.

We would like to state our gratitude to the staff and children of Sakari Elementary School, as well as everybody who contributed their efforts and assistance.

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