15 Jul 2011

Iwate Nippo Features the Shine On! Smile Ambassador Program岩手日報でニコニコ大使の掲載

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Juggling Brings Smiles
Tokyo NPO
Mori Elementary (Ofunato) Visit and Exchange

The Tyler Foundation, an NPO in Tokyo helping children suffering from childhood cancer and their parents (President Kimberly Forsythe), as part of the activities supporting children in areas affected by the great earthquake visited Mori elementary school in Ofunato city, and interacted with children through juggling. Acting as the foundation’s “Smile Ambassador” American-born actor Guy Totaro and professional performer, Miki (from Korea) visited the school. Second, Fifth and Sixth graders challenged themselves to create a performance juggling scarves and using hula hoops. Children who tried juggling, crossing two scarves in the air and pairing with a friend to change scarves, became absorbed in the challenge of dexterity and skill. Mio Kobayashi (5 years) smiled, “it was a little difficult, but when I managed it I was very pleased.” Totaro, who taught juggling, hoped that “we can enjoy this together and that they will feel happy knowing that they have support even from abroad.” The fund will be supporting the coastal areas of the prefecture that were affected by the earthquake until March of next year.岩手日報にて、シャイン・オン!ニコニコ大使プログラムのことが掲載されました。

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