17 Apr 2011

New Departure Date Set!新しい出発日!

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I am now partnered with 3 established groups and my first trip is finally locked in for next week – departing on April 21st.
I will be joining a Professor of Social Work and a group of her students from Meijigakuin University who are already on site providing aid and assistance in Iwate prefecture.
Three days later I will be joining a Doctor who has been providing medical supplies and services to shelters in the same region.
The next phase is an extended stay in Miyagi prefecture where I will be traveling throughout the region visiting more remote shelters and effected communities.
It is essential that I don’t impose any extra burden on the already limited resources and maxed out infrastructure.
If you would like to contribute, I have a PayPal account specifically to help fund this effort.
I have no idea what to expect… but with your love and support I know I will not be up there alone.


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