03 Apr 2011

Supplies and support needed…支援物資とサポートを必要としています。

Japan Relief Shows No Comments

Dear friends, on Friday 4/8 I will be joining a group of doctors who are going to provide relief assistance in the areas that were effected by the recent disasters in northern Japan. As they treat people, I’ll do what I can to cheer up the kids in the shelters. I may perform (music, clowning etc) or I may lead games and activities – I’ll figure it out when I arrive. I will need to be self contained so as to not burden the already taxed resources. That said, I need the following things; tent, solar light(s), XL rain gear, camping food and ANYTHING ELSE you think would be appropriate / needed. If you don’t have any of these things but you want to support this effort, please contact me directly and we can discuss other options.

I intend to keep a journal of my experiences here on this blog.皆様、








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