05 Aug 2010

Living Dreams

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Living Dreams makes a real difference in the lives of orphans living in “Children’s Homes” all across Japan. SupaGaijin had an AWESOME time teaching circus skills at the Designing Arts Academy summer camp with “Hooplovers” Deanne Love and performing at the camp banquet with David “Zat Amazing Guy” Claypatch and Huw Lloyd.


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  1. Amy Moyers-Knopp says:

    Having Guy, Deanne, David and Huw join our Designing Artists Academy program this summer was such a hit with the children! Not only did they truly connect with the kids during the camp sessions and reception party, but kids of all ages (okay, adults too!) were “wowed” by their talents! Our arts camp is all about inspiring confidence, creativity and having fun–and each one of these performers helped support those objectives in warm and humorous ways… a big thanks to each of you, and we’re looking forward to having you join our team again at next summer’s camp!
    -Living Dreams